Medokýš, Kalameny

Medokýš might come to you as an unusual name and you might wander, what is she talking about? To be honest, I first heard this term few months ago and I was born in the country where it came to life. This folk term stands for mineral spring. And I’m about to tell you about one located in Slovakia where you can bath for free.

This place isn’t really well known in Slovakia. Mostly only people from nearby villages know about it. It is an amazing place where you can relax.

Medokýš near village called Kalameny is made of two thermal mineral ponds. The smaller one is natural and the bigger one is artificially made by locals. Temperature of water there is 33°C (91.4 °F) all year round and water is said to have beneficial effect mainly on urological problems, problems with musculoskeletal system and women’s problems. Mineral water smells somewhat like sulfide and is very similar to water you’ll find in nearby spa called Lúčky.

I’ve visited Medokýš during wintertime and I must tell you it was an experience of a lifetime. Parking lot that is located really closely to the thermal pond makes it really comfortable to get into the water and then quickly to the car and I really appreciated that since winters in Slovakia can be really cold. Water isn’t cleanest but that is caused by the fact that this is pond is located in nature. When I was sitting in the pond, there was parking lot on one side and forest on the other so when I turned my back on the parking lot all I could really see were trees, proud and tall.

What I disliked about this experience was trash that’s been laying around. I know that since this pond is free, there is no one to clean but as someone who was born, raised and lives in this country I was really sad to see this happening in such a beautiful place. And therefore, I ask you, if you plan to visit, please respect this place and leave nothing bud great memories there.

And if you aren’t a big fan of bathing but you are visiting with someone who is, don’t worry. Nature and history here is really rich. And what can you find nearby? Just to name few examples Lucnansky waterfall, Liskovska cave, Liptovský castle, Manor-house in Bešeňova and Bešeňova spa.